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¿Se aculilló?: Grounghog Day
¿Se aculilló?: Grounghog Day

The 2nd installment of SE ACULILLÓ? a multi-genre art series exploring themes of fear and the body. SE ACULILLÓ? | GROUNDHOG DAY uses Groundhog Day as a frame to further explore these themes.

Examples of fears associated with Groundhog Day could be fear of a long winter, fear of seasonal depression, fear of human-created climate change and its on-going disasters, fear of expectations, fear of limited possibilities (the groundhog only has two options: it sees its shadow, or it doesn't).

The phrase, ¿Se aculilló?, is a Colombian taunt that roughly translates to “Are you scared?” More literally, ¿Se aculilló? refers to a sensation of the body (in particular, the ass) clenching or curling inward.

Se Aculilló? will return to AS220 in September 2018 to usher in Hispanic Heritage Month.

Past shows in the series:
Se aculilló? | Are you scared? (2017, AS220)
Se aculilló? | Groundhog Day (2018, Trade Pop-Up)

Previous artists featured in the series include:

Mary-Kim Arnold*
Luna Ayala*
Linda Behar
Saulo Castillo*
Leandro Castro**
Kat Chavez
Alyssa Coffin
Charlene Dee
Tamara Diaz
Farah Figuereo
Penina Gal
Orlando Hernández
Sandra Lopez
Benjamin Lundberg Torres Sánchez
Rica Maestas
José Menendez
Emily Mock
Kendall Rivera-Lane
Dilenia Rodriguez
Sofia Sandoval
Charlie Scott
K. Funmilayo Aileru (wacklikethat)
Elsa Vasquez + Michelle Lopez
Isabel Vasquez** (Snake Eyes)

*Artists who contributed live art during the exhibition
** Artists who contributed both live art and visual art during the exhibition